The Jamie Fingerless Mitts

Hi all, I’m back at it again with a new design, the Jamie fingerless mittens! I have been wanting to do a fingerless mitten type of thing for a while now, but I never found the right type of yarn to use.

Back in late 2013-early 2014, I made some fingerless mittens for fun and wrote it down on my iPad 3 (apple stop making updates for it, lol.. lame!) and back then I just wrote what I thought I’d remember, but it was kind of non descriptive.. I never could make it look as good as I remembered it being. It could also be because I’ve improved on my techniques and skills, my perspective changed, who knows! The past few months, I tried remaking it, but no good. I bought Lion Brand pound of love yarn on a whim and thought I’d make some mittens with The Grayson Beanie texture.. and lo and behold.. I am in love!!


I began creating the Jamie fingerless mittens with them and wrote the pattern as I went. It was turning out great! I loved the stretch, the feel and overall look. This yarn to me, looked like it was made with wool? Well, to me at least. I was a little nervous designing something using yarn that I wasn’t 100% sure would be able to translate to using light weight yarn. I came across this Bernat Softee Baby in mint that I had lying around. I made one mitten with it and it came out fitting similarly to LB pound of love, but didn’t give me the same effect as LB.

For the LB version, my BF and I tried it on. My wrist and fullest part of my hand was about 6.5″ and 7.75-8″ circumference, respectively. My BF’s wrist and fullest part of his hand was about 7.5″ and 9″ circumference, respectively. You can definitely tell that our hands are different. LB version fitted both of us well, gave the same effect on both hands and I was happy with it. Mint version fitted both of us good as well, but it did not look as good!

After a while, I decided to make a medium size since I wasn’t happy with how the small looked like on my BF’s hand. Though the small fitted him, it stretched out too much causing the mittens to have gaps in between. I wanted the mittens to have a loose fit because I hate anything that feels constricting. The loose fit makes it feel like nothing is on you (to me at least).

Check out my awesome testers


Ashley @AshleyBrooke7 (small)

Collage_FotorLisa @MzHunger (medium)

Collage_Fotor2Lindsey @yarnowlcrochet (small)

Overall, this was an interesting design. I haven’t done anything with “hands” before so the sizing are always the most frustrating and nerve wrecking. It’s nice to have testers who are all different, to see how well “my sizing” fit and be able to alter the patterns accordingly! I don’t think I’d be able to design this pattern as well if I didn’t have great makers behind me! Let me know if you’re going to try this pattern out below in the comments!





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