The Riley Top

Hey guys! Dang, it has been awhile! I was hesitant to release this design because it’s been awhile, I’ve gained weight and I wasn’t sure if my proportions were the same anymore and making the tops all wonky! Plus, I was lazy and trying to get out the winter funk. Weather has been moody here in California. One day it’ll feel like summer and the next it’s winter all over again. Also, I started writing this pattern at the end of summer last year! I got lazy and decided to postponed it for the following year and start on designing hats. So here we are..

This is my first design that I wrote an XL size! That was something I was proud of while making this top. I am hoping to add XL sizes to my previous tops, but that may take time! It’s a start though, so.. part of me is pretty excited!

I wasn’t able to find testers for all the sizes, but it was enough for me to see how the top fits!

Check out the awesome makers who helped me test this top!

Emily @oftheotherearth wearing an XS
Krupa @get.hookedd wearing an XS
Nancy @nancybaby415 wearing a L
Jena @carpefilum wearing an XL
Tested by Cynthia @cynthia0121, modeled by her friend wearing an XL

Overall, this was my first top that I wrote an XL size. As with any new size, I wasn’t sure how well it would fit. I’m not an XL so I have no idea how well it holds up on girls with bigger chests. The larger your chest, the harder it is to have a crochet top that lifts and gives you all the perkiness you want like a bra and still feel comfortable. I learned that with any other tops that you may find in stores, you might have to wear “boob tape” or whatever product that you use to help give you that lift.

Order your top, here
Make your own using my pattern, etsy or ravelry


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