My Lion Brand Yarn Contest Experience

When Lion Brand Yarn announced their contest back in March 2019, I was on board! The rules seemed easy and something I felt like I can do. My mind was really aiming for the creativity side (what I’m capable of doing in a really short amount of time) and that $1000 prize (lol, probably won’t win), but I gained a lot of insight, confidence and improved my editing style, while I was at it.


My first stop was Michaels! I was having lunch and Michaels was right across the street, so why not. I brought my camera with me in case I needed it. I really wasn’t sure how I would take the pictures of yarn without it looking tacky. I thought it needed to be taken by the yarn shelves, which I wasn’t particularly happy with (because it’s a little dull) then I reread their rules and found out as long as the yarn picture is INSIDE the store, you’re good to go!

Unfortunately, my camera makes a lot of clicking noise and I was feeling a little scared that a worker would come by and kick us out. I’m not comfortable with confrontation in general, so I’m glad no one came by!

If you’re interested in this “color made easy” yarn, you can find it on amazon,


Second stop, hobby lobby!!! After the first shoot at Michaels, I was already thinking of what I wanted to do next. I knew hobby lobby sold a lot of home decor and always have some displays done, but I didn’t know what the displays were.

I took a stroll to the display section just to get a gist of what type of yarn I wanted to use. All there displays seemed rustic-ish/farm house and very cozy/homey. I knew I wanted a yarn that screamed cozy!

It kind of sucks because Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry a lot of Lion Brand Yarn (maybe 3 types at my store), but these homespun thick and quick was perfect! It was cozy, squishy, and just perfect.

This shoot went pretty well. I felt more comfortable even with people walking around and staring! PLUS, I always thought of yarn as put it on the shelves/container to store it, but after this shoot, man.. yarn is literally home decor. It looked that good to me, I really wanted to buy yarn just to decorate my house. But thank god, I didn’t 😀

If you’re interested in this “homespun thick & quick” yarn, you can find it on amazon,


My last and final stop was Joann. After the first two, I started getting in a creative slump. I wasn’t really sure how I can display the yarn and make it look good. I already did the flowers with Michaels so I didn’t want to repeat it again!

I had an idea to do something Easter theme, but Joann just doesn’t have that “feel” which was actually hard to display the yarn. I didn’t want to be disrespectful and take things from all over the store to take some photo for the contest. There was an Easter decor aisle so I went with it.

Things can only look so good with the metal shelves, peg boards and a bunch of decor stacked on each other. I really wasn’t happy with the pictures. It was difficult to make it look like it wasn’t in a store, you know? I wanted my pictures to look like it came from a magazine (lol, wishful thinking) instead of being inside a store or at least make the store look good and not just a store (if that made sense)

During the time there, I wasn’t able to see how the pictures turned out because you can only see so much on a tiny screen. I uploaded it onto my laptop, wasn’t feeling it, but still picked my favorites. After some editing, it turned out way better than I had anticipated! The camera can only do so much, it captures the image, but the colors aren’t always true to color. Tweaking the colors around a bit, really made a huge difference from me hating it to loving it. Crazy, I knowww.

If you’re interested in this “heartland” yarn, you can find it on amazon,


The experience was pretty fun. It got me out of my comfort zone and doing something I never thought of doing. Part of me was scared because I somewhat knew stores don’t allow cameras, but I wasn’t 100% sure. If a company is saying, “hey take pictures of our yarn and tag the store, too” I mean, the companies should have had some idea people would be taking pictures? Who knows. I felt like I was being creative in a more realistic sense, I wanted to showcase the yarn like it was for an AD or something. Good thing, I didn’t do this in one day, it was throughout the month of March, but I started feeling a little burned out (for some reason). It’s crazy how burned out you can feel by being creative. Being mentally drained and physically drained is seriously two different thing.

Anyways, I’m just rambling on. I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures I took! It was freaking fun.


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