Color Chart Form

Hello, welcome to the color chart form. Please fill everything out so we’re both on the same page and everything will go smoothly!

• Font: If you want multiple fonts (2 max) please specify and where each font you’d like on the chart
• Horizontal or vertical image (1st image is horizontal, 2nd image is veritcal)
• Image Ratio: by default it will be a 4×3/3×4 (unless you give me a specific size)
• Write down the yarn brand and colors, so I can look them up. If I can’t find the specific color you want online, I will contact you which will delay the completion of the chart. If the yarn brand is an indie brand, please provide me the images of the colors
• If you’re not using yarn, please provide me the pattern, fabric, or whatnot.
• By default, I will use the name from the brand. If you want the names to be different than the original name, please write the original name from the brand and the new name you want next to it in parenthesis.
• Provide name/logo you want at the top (logo will need a transparent or white background)
• Provide what website you want on the bottom